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How it all Began…

Support The Girls Australia began when the universe connected two people, providing a catalyst for an incredible Journey…

In January 2016, Jane Holmes- the CEO and Founder of Support The Girls Australia- had a chance encounter with a 13 year old girl in a Gold Coast shopping mall. The young girl looked dishevelled and malnourished and she asked Jane if she had any menstrual hygiene products that she could spare. Jane asked her if she just required one or two pads and she said no she needed a packet as she was homeless. This was alarming to Jane as the young girl came across as very young and naïve After providing the young girl with menstrual hygiene products, Jane insisted on buying her lunch.
During the course of lunch, Jane listened to the girl’s story and discovered that she had run away from home where she was being sexually abused by her step-father. The 13-year-old girl told Jane that the streets were a safer place for her than home.
Upon further probing, the young girl showed Jane where she lived. This is where Jane met “Lily”- an elderly and weather-beaten lady who was full of character. However, behind this gregarious and larger than life woman, was a very sad physical situation. Upon noticing “Lily’s” large bust size, Jane inquired as to why she wasn’t wearing a bra. “Lily” informed Jane that she had not owned a bra for four years and proceeded to show her the severely infected gangrenous tissue under her breast. This was a result of chafing caused by skin on skin and heat.
Despite having worked as a Crisis Counsellor with the New Zealand Police , Jane was still horrified and saddened by the dire situation in which this girl and woman were living. This was when Jane decided to change the entire course of her life.

Jane xx


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This is what a holistic approach to community services looks like. It’s not just about the bras, the fittings or the events. It’s about bringing people together and finding connection. It’s about acknowledging that we’re all afraid and isolated sometimes - but that when we stand together we are stronger.

When you join our STGA community as a client, volunteer or friend of the charity - you become part of our family. That’s the way Jane operates: making sure no one is left behind.

That’s the difference in strong female leadership. That’s why we have to continue to help women on their way to the top. Because when they get there, they lift us all up ✨

Only 55% of eligible Aussie women are getting to their screening appointments?
Did you also know that over 70% of cervical cancer occurs in women who have never screened or are lapsed screeners?

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