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About Us

In a world where women often face unseen struggles, our organization stands as a beacon of hope, extending a hand of support to those who need it most. Each year, we personally connect with and empower over 2000 women, providing not just practical assistance, but a lifeline of care, compassion, and dignity.


Empowering vulnerable, disadvantaged and isolated women and girls with access to professionally fitted bras, essential products and the support needed to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Mission and Purpose

For many Australian women and girls, having access to supportive bras and essential hygiene products, is something we take for granted. And yet, there are so many vulnerable, disenfranchised and disadvantaged Australian women and girls who do not share this privilege.

Access to these products is a basic human right and a lack of these resources can perpetuate shame, stress and mental health issues for women and girls who are often already facing disadvantage, trauma and abuse. This issue is seen far and wide across metro regions as well as rural, remote areas and Indigenous communities.

By contributing to Support The Girls, you’re giving women and girls the dignity they deserve. You’re empowering them to feel confident, build their self-esteem and garner resilience so they can reach their potential in school, at work and at home.


who we are

We are Support The Girls

Support The Girls was founded in 2016 when our CEO, Jane Holmes could not find a single Australian service that supported women and girls with bras and underwear. As a previous Crisis Counsellor, Jane Holmes has dedicated her life to empowering women and girls in need.

We are a team of dedicated volunteers who put their heart and soul into everything we do and operate with transparency and integrity.

We are incredibly humbled to be supported by our generous donors and supporters.

a bit of background from our ceo

Jane Holmes

It can be extremely difficult to ask for help, particularly for those stuck in a crisis situation. I know this from personal experience and unfortunately, this is the reality for so many of our clients. It’s not just women who are homeless or facing domestic issues who are in need. It could be a woman who appears to have their life together and then after a long work day, returns home to an empty fridge.

For women struggling to afford essentials like food, often the ability to afford supportive bras, underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene products falls by the wayside. We want to help change this “fake it till you make it” attitude and help alleviate the overwhelming financial pressures that women and girls face. Particularly for those who aren’t comfortable enough to reach out to friends, family or their community for help.

At Support The Girls, our key focus is to ensure all women and girls have the dignity, care and respect they deserve. We want them to feel like their well-being is valued and that they are being taken care of. More importantly, we want to let them know that they are not alone. By having a genuine conversation with them, listening to them or even being a shoulder to cry on, we’re giving these women and girls the opportunity to be themselves, many of whom have never experienced this type of care and support.

We’ve seen first-hand the impact that our Bra Gifting events have on women and girls. For them, it’s an opportunity to feel valued and have their sense of dignity restored. Among supporting themselves and their communities, many women feel empowered enough to seek employment and be a role model for their children.

We work to reduce mental health problems, poverty and generational trauma within their communities.

Who we Support

We support the women and girls who have experienced or are experiencing financial hardship, homelessness, domestic violence, loss of a spouse or family member and various other circumstances beyond their control.

The media often portray a drug and alcohol-fueled image of disenfranchised women and we know, from first-hand experience, that this image could not be further from the truth. We want to tackle this stigma by unveiling each woman’s full potential.

How we help Women and Girls in need

We empower women and girls by giving them access to essential resources and connecting them to various lines of support. This includes:

Bra Gifting Events: gifting women and girls living in rural and metro areas across QLD and NSW, bras, underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene products along with a morning tea.

Rural Outreach Events: gifting marginalised and disadvantaged women and girls living in rural, remote areas and Indigenous communities, supportive bras, underwear and menstrual products. We give them a space to connect and provide them with the support services they need.

Service Providers Partnerships: we work with organisations such as The Wash House, Kalwun Indigenous Health Services, Breastscreen NSW, Cherbourg community and Bundaberg City Council, who identify a group of clients in need of bras and hygiene products. With their provision, we provide personal advocacy and support to women and girls to help enhance their personal development, relationship skills and life skills.

Our Commitment

Our goal is to contribute to a new social order for disadvantaged and vulnerable women and girls. We work on a grassroots level, empowering people to work together to improve the wellbeing of women and children in local communities. We aim to provide women with the tools and support needed to escape the cycle of poverty, domestic violence, trauma or multiple structural oppressions.

We’re passionate about reducing the prejudices around homelessness and enable women to rediscover their self-worth, reclaim their dignity and reinspire their motives and passions. We hold space for women from all walks of life, regardless of their income, age, cultural background or gender identity.

Our Core Values



the self-belief and empowerment of all women.



to empower all women to thrive in a safe environment.



our values and always have a focus on the betterment of women.



for our colleagues, our clients and our business.



and empower all women and our business partners.



our clients, our suppliers, our communities and ourselves.



and grateful for everything we do.