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Our Services

We work with service providers, businesses and communities to deliver professionally fitted bras, underwear, hygiene products and various support services to support and connect women and girls in need.

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Public Bra Gifting Events 

Our public bra gifting events are open to all women and young girls that are in need of support. They are events that bring women together in a safe space where they can come and get a professional bra fitting, get provided with underwear, toiletries and any other items or gifts we can treat them with. They also get provided with morning tea which is made us of sandwiches, slices and fruit. Our volunteers do all the baking so that we can deliver home baked goodies. They not only provide women with the essential items to maintain their dignity and wellbeing, but they also provide women with a place of support, companionship and connection. A lot of women are socially isolated and being able to engage and connect with others really helps their mental strength.

These events happen on a regular basis through the year. Bookings are done via Eventbrite and are promoted on our Facebook page and website.

Mammogram events with BreastScreen NSW

We believe in the power of collaboration to drive positive change. That’s why Support The Girls and BreastScreen NSW have joined forces to operate events focused on bra fitting and early breast cancer detection and prevention. Our partnership has a significant impact on boosting mammogram participation rates of both indigenous women and women in rural communities.

Together, we’re empowering women to embrace their strengths and prioritise their health. Our joint efforts ensure that more women have access to potentially life-saving mammogram screenings.

Service Provider Bra Gifting Events

We work with experienced service providers across QLD and NSW who identify and send a support team out to women and girls in need. We create and cultivate safe, positive and supportive spaces at community halls, service provider locations, domestic violence shelters and offices.

We’ve worked with Kalwun Indigenous Health Services, Penrith Women’s Centre, The Wash House, Murikai and many more.

If you have clients that we can assist, please email us.

Rural Outreach Events

Our dedicated Outreach team travels to rural communities to host bra gifting events at local community centres. There is still so much poverty in rural communities and for many mothers, being able to afford underwear and menstrual hygiene products for their daughters is beyond their capability. For mature age rural women who are heavily endowed and do not have $100+ to spend on bras, giving them supportive bra wear gives them the dignity, and healthy support they need.

Our rural bra gifting events are also an opportunity to connect women living in isolated, rural areas. Many of these women have little social contact at all. We hold space for them to chat over a cup of tea and connect with their community.

If you come from a rural community or work for a rural community centre that can support one of our events, please email us.

Rural Outreach Events to Indigenous Communities

We have the privilege of supporting women and girls living in rural Indigenous communities across QLD and NSW. We assist and educate them about supportive bra options, many of who have never worn a bra for fear of the unknown.

We teach youth about the menstrual hygiene products available and how to use them. We continually work to provide safe, judgment-free zones that make a difference.

If you come from a rural Indigenous community, work at an Indigenous community centre or know someone who can support our events, please email us.