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Our Partners

As a charity we are so incredibly privileged to be supported by numerous organisations.

Without our sponsors, Support The Girls Australia would not have achieved the success that it has. There are so many areas of support that we need from product to transport to warehouses.

As a charity we are constantly faced with limitations due to funding. Collaboration and support is what allows Support The Girls Australia to continue changing the lives of women. Below are some of the amazing companies that support us.

Our Amazing Sponsors

As a charity we are constantly faced with limitations due to funding. Collaboration and support is what allows Support The Girls Australia to continue changing the lives of women. Below are some of the amazing companies that support us.


Major product sponsor

Modibodi is an Australian company that makes leak-proof underwear for periods, incontinence, and sweat. They are a female-founded and female-led business that is committed to making a difference in the world.

Modibodi has been a significant partner of Support The Girls for over 2 years. Our partnership means that we can go beyond bra fittings to provide reusable period pants or underwear. In 2021, Modibodi donated over 1,400 products to be gifted at our events. Together, our work provides dignity and visibility to women all over Australia.

Nude by Nature

major sponsor

At Nude by Nature, we’re proudly cruelty-free. We don’t test our ingredients or formulas on animals, we don’t sell in countries that do (boo!) and we are PETA-certified.

Nude by Nature joins Support The girls as a partner withboth funding and products to assist women in need across our rural communities.

Their financial support is going to cover our Rural Outreach Programs. We are delighted to be able to gift their products to women in need and provide them a much needed boost with beautiful products.


major sponsor

With a 25 year heritage, Australian skincare brand Alpha-H is known for their pioneering, results-driven formulas. Alpha-H is female-founded, sustainably made locally on the Gold Coast and committed to transforming skin; building it’s health and resilience for life.

But resilience doesn’t just speak to skincare, it is intimately connected to their mission to empower and support women.

As part of this focus on empowering women, in 2021 Alpha-H joins Support The Girls as a partner with both funding and hands-on involvement; from bra gifting morning teas, to rural outreach and marketing support.

Our Incedible Partners

Nude by Nature          Alpha-H          Sports Bras Direct          Club Musgrave          Le Buns          Bella Bodies          City of Gold Coast          Two Chicks Design Studio          Bras n Things          Best&Less          Bic          Storage King          TFH Hire Services          SlimForm          Linfox          Palazzo Versace

Sports Bras Direct

Club Musgrave

Le Buns

We have been thrilled to be the recipients of Le Buns underwear along with their beautiful packaging. We love the purpose behind the brand. They have an incredible respect for their team and most importantly the environment they work in.

They are all about driving a positive environmental impact. All their products are made from natural, organic and regenerated luxury fibres.

Bella Bodies

We are delighted to be supported by Bella Bodies. The purpose and ethos of the Founder Michel mirrors what we as a charity believe in. Bella Bodies is a long standing Australian company, committed to creating essential, everyday intimates that feel gorgeous on the body.

Their sizes cover all women which means we can support all women. Being able to give such a quality product to women in need is wonderful.

City of Gold Coast

We would like to acknowledge and thank the Gold Coast City Council for their financial support through their COVID-19 grants in 2020/21. It has allowed us to operate our warehouse and purchase much needed resources for our friends in the form of toiletries, underwear and menstrual hygiene products. The grants also allowed us to maintain the safety requirements for our events at all the GCCC locations we use, which meant we could keep our volunteers and friends safe at events.


Two Chicks Design Studio

Bras n Things

Bras N Things did a nationwide campaign in their stores. If people brought in their preloved bras, they could get a discount on the purchase of a new bra.

This was our first big brand campaign and the result was over 12,000 bras.



We were thrilled to be contacted by Best and Less saying they would like to do a nationwide drive for us. For every 3 bras purchased, we would receive one bra and we were also financially supported.

The net result was we were the recipients of over $30 000 dollars and 30 000 bras. The impact of this donation for us was enormous.



One of the most important factors in being able to do what we do to empower and support women is getting access to luxury items. Razor blades are very much a luxury item along with sanitary products. Women are always asking if we have them.

Due to safety issues, it is not something we pack into our care packs, but the women we support know if we have stock we can assist them.

To receive this incredibly generous donation from BIC is just incredible and will bring a lot of smiles to the women we help.


Storage King

For the first few years of running the charity our operations were out of our CEO’s home. As the charity grew and become known the overwhelming amount of donations meant that we had to move into a storage unit. Being a grass roots charity that is not supported by government this was always going to be a stress factor. We approached numerous storage companies and Storage King Southport came to our rescue.

They supported us with an incredible discount in their brand new start of the art storage facility. We took a small unit, and then graduated to a 40 sqm unit and then literally a week prior to Covid hitting us we moved into a 100sqm unit.

August saw our fabulous Western Sydney team move into their unit at Storage King Penrith.


TFH Hire Services

TFH Hire are a complete Hire Solution company that specialises in worksite, Events, Festivals and more. We were incredibly grateful for their amazing donation of water at our Christmas Bra Fitting Event.

This made a huge difference as it was an incredibly hot day and the weather was a typically barmy hot Gold Coast day so it was consumed with much need.



We were absolutely delighted to be the recipients of literally thousands of bras and new underwear from Slimform in Victoria. Slimform is a company that has been operating for many years and their incredible donation of lingerie enables us to empower so many more women with respect and dignity.



Transporting of our large freight items that we get donated by suppliers. We are so grateful to Linfox for their ongoing support in assisting us with the transportation of large bulk items.

Without them we would be unable to receive the generous items that are donated by the likes of Slimform.


Palazzo Versace