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Tina Randello


Tina is Chief Commercial Officer at Alpha-H, leading the brand, innovation and digital aspects of the business. She has worked across local and global brands in the Wellness, Beauty and Design industries.

Tina has been an avid mentor and champion of women throughout her 15 year professional career.  She led corporate change resulting in flexible work practices for women in her teams before these were standard practices.  As someone who moved from Chemist to Marketer, Tina supports women forging new paths and encourages them to get out of their comfort zones.

At Alpha-H, Tina identified that the brand name triggers a deeper and more powerful connection than the product alone.  She is a believer that brands have a role and responsibility to use their platform for purpose.  She found that women across generations identify as Alphas – resilient, confident, ambitious and striving to be their best selves.  Alpha meaning “the first” and a leader has been a rallying cry for building the brand going forward.  As a female founded brand where over 70% of the team associate with being female, Alpha-H is an advocate for women through their philanthropic partnerships and internally developed initiatives.  A key example being -The Encoreship- an innovative return to work program founded by Tina and the team at Alpha-H.  The program brings together like-minded brands with the common goal of supporting women who want to work, have the opportunity to do so.  A small act by each organisation that has big impact for women.

Tina believes that volunteering with Support the Girls is another way of giving back to women.  The grass roots approach focused on the immediate needs, as well as longer term support for women in need is what attracted Tina to the Support The Girls mission.

Bachelor of Science- Chemistry (Honours) (Melbourne University)
Masters in Marketing (Monash University)