Our Projects


Support The Girls Australia is proud to be able to support our remote indigenous communities and our First Nation women and girls. Sadly some of the remotest regions do not have access to basic items, hair brushes, toiletries, menstrual products and shoes? So, we ensure that they are professionally fitted with bras, have underwear and access to these items. We provide ongoing support to the women of Cherbourg.

In December 2019 we had the privilege of working alongside the Australian Air Force supplying bras, underwear, menstrual hygiene products and flip flops to four of the remotest communities in Australia. The items were all airdropped in the first official Operation Airdrop. This was repeated on a smaller scale due to COVID-19 in 2020.

It is vital to ensure that all women and girls across our nation have access to every day products that we take for granted. Our commitment is to reach as many communities as we can dependent on funding to create this change.