Support The Girls Australia is committed to its purpose of creating change for vulnerable women and girls and to do that we need to expand and develop our various outreach projects as we grow.

2020 sees three of our Outreach Projects expanding.

Street Outreach Project, Remote Outreach Project and Service Provider Outreach Project.


COVID 19 had a huge impact on our Street Outreach Project. Our SOP operates on the Gold Coast and due to the positive assistance of the Queensland government, homeless people were provided with accommodation which meant our services became redudant. We saw very few women if any on the streets. 

The Street Outreach normally operates on the Gold Coast and is aimed at supporting the most vulnerable women living on the streets. Statistically we know there are a large population of women who fall under the banner “homeless”, but sadly we do not see these women on the streets.  There are so many reasons for this:

  • fear
  • embarrassment
  • they maybe couch surfing
  • in a domestic situation
  • simply to not know where to go

We work alongside Orange Sky Laundry, at some of their locations. It is so important to be able to collaborate with other organisations that facilitate an incredible service assisting our most vulnerable community members.

If you run a homeless service and have women attending your service and would like to know more about our project, then please contact us.

We will be reviewing our Street Outreach Timetable mid 2021. 


Rural Farming Communities

Support The Girls Australia is well aware of the need to ensure women and girls in our remotest locations have access to the basic essentials. Sadly a lot of women and girls in these remote communities go without the basics like hair brushes, toiletries, menstrual products and shoes. It is vital to ensure that all women and girls across our nation have access to these items. Our commitment is to reach as many communities as we can dependent on funding. 

We are well aware of the plight of so many of our rural farming communities. The hardship they have had to endure for the last four to five years due to the drought is untenable. Being able to afford items like sanitary products and toiletries tough and the thought of bras or underwear is totally out of their reach. We are aware of many women who are getting “boiled” underwear from their local op shops. This is not what our farming communities should have to ensure. So we take our Outreach Van to farming locations and help women on their farms or within their communities. This year we have been to Texas, Qld, Yeoval, NSW and Bathurst. Covid-19 brought us to a standstill.

Rural Indigenous Communities

Then we have our First Nation women and girls. Support The Girls Australia is proud to be able to support our remote indigenous communities. Do you know that some in the remotes regions do not have access to the most basic items, hair brushes, toiletries, menstrual products and shoes. So, we ensure they are professionally fitted with bras, have underwear and the basic essentials. We have supported the women of Cherbourg and December 2019 we had the privilege of working alongside the Australian Air Force supplying bras, underwear, menstrual hygiene products and flip flops to four of the remotest communities in Australia. The items were all airdropped in the first official Operation Airdrop.

It is vital to ensure that all women and girls across our nation have access to these items. Our commitment is to reach as many communities as we can dependent on funding to create this change.


This is an area of the charity that we are going to grow in 2021. There are wonderful services that offer great support for women and collaborating with them is the key helping more women and girls with their dignity and wellbeing. Collaboration means their clients get the best of both worlds. 

We currently support some excellent services across QLD and NSW.

Some of them are:-

  • Kalwun Health Services
  • Access Community Services
  • YHES House
  • Baabyan Aboriginal Centre
  • Cranebrook Young Mums
  • Penrith Women’s Health Centre
  • Bonnies Suppor Services
  • Cranbrook Neighbourhood Centre
  • Wayback
  • Vincentia House
  • Lou’s Place

These are just a few that we support with Bra Gifting Events at their location. It is a positive way to engage with services in the sector but also add value to what they bring to their clients. The success stories of connection and empowerment speak for themselves.

If you would like us to host a Bra Gifting event for your service please get in touch with us and we will create an event that suits you and your clients. Alternatively, you can fill out this link and the Area Coordinator in your region will be in touch.