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by | Nov 3, 2023 | News

One of Gold Coast’s most Influential Women!

To mark International Women’s Day on March 8 2022, the Gold Coast Bulletin (a daily newspaper serving Australia’s Gold Coast region) compiled a list of the city’s most influential women. As you begin to read down the list of prestigious and inspiring health experts, athletes and entrepreneurs, you don’t have to go far before seeing the name of Support the Girl’s very own CEO and Founder, Jane Holmes. Placing just behind Gold Coast Health’s Dr. Kylie Alcorn, an infectious disease expert who has worked on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19, Jane has been named as the second most influential woman in the Gold Coast area; a high honour indeed!

Currently working hard in Goonellabah, QLD, to help provide aid to flood victims, it took another volunteer catching sight of the article a day late and sending it to Jane for her to even hear about the impressive honour. “I wasn’t even aware of it!” Jane tells me over the phone. And for those of you who know Jane, you’ll recognize just how typical of her that is: always far more engrossed in doing whatever she can to help those in need than basking in or seeking out any personal accolades. “It is just such an honour to be acknowledged amongst other high achieving and inspirational women,” she says.

Despite her modesty, Jane is no stranger to awards. In 2021 she was crowned the champion at the Harvey Normal Gold Coast Women of the Year awards, which celebrated women who have overcome significant obstacles on their journey to becoming positive and proactive members of the community. Recognitions such as these only scratch the surface of the commitment, passion, empathy and resolve that Jane embodies in her daily work for Support the Girls. Every single person I’ve spoken to at the charity offers up unprompted praise of her. “The thing I’m most proud of at the charity is Jane getting the reputation she has without pandering to people. She just works so hard to achieve for others,” says Deb, one of the charity’s Volunteer Coordinators. When I spoke to Diane, one of Support the Girl’s Directors who has worked with Jane for several years, she tells me that it is “just the sheer tenacity of Jane to keep things going” that has got the charity to where it is now.

As our incredible CEO and Founder is unlikely to start singing her own praises any time soon, we will just have to do it for her. She is an indisputable inspiration to all those out there who wish to help others, and she is more than deserving of the title of ‘Second Most Influential Woman’!



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