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Diane Groweg


Upon leaving school Diane’s working journey started as an apprentice hairdresser working in Adelaide. Family and a move to Canberra in 1972 saw a career change when she acquired a position in administration with N C D C and later with the Cities Commission.

A new opportunity became available with the introduction of Medibank in 1975. During her time with Medibank her duties included, performing quality control on the daily run sheets from around Australia, compiling statistics and eventually assessing and researching the applications for ancillary practioners who were applying for a provider number. Diane worked in this sector of the government until she left to add to her family and help run her husband’s newly started Landscaping and Construction business.

Another move a number of years later took her to Perth WA where she became a homemaker while her husband attended full time University… a challenging time but a rewarding one. Returning to Canberra in 1987 where a new/old home was purchased that required some renovation work, during this time she discovered the new meaning of “life begins at forty.” She now had a family of four, with the difference of 21 years from start to finish… one of life’s challenges but a welcome one.

It was during a holiday on the Gold Coast leaving a cold Canberra winter that a new property was purchased and six months later a permanent move took place. Two new business adventures both in the tourist trade one being a Limousine business and at the same time a business that took tourist wanting to experience guided walking tours in the beautiful Lamington National Park.

Always have a keen interest in Patchwork and Quilting she joined the Gold Coast Quilters Guild in 2009 and later in 2015/16 became Vice President and continued on in 2016/17 as President. It was during this time that Diane became aware of STGA and invited Jane Holmes to do a talk for the Guild… The following day Diane phoned Jane and offered to volunteer with STGA.

To date, life has been Diane’s teacher and she feels it has rewarded her with many wonderful experiences and also taught her to be compassionate and have empathy.