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Diana Roussi


Diana Roussi is Managing Director of Hawken Roussi Law.

A tenacious advocate, Diana has practiced as a lawyer since 2007, most of which has been spent claiming compensation for victims of personal injury and neglect, who otherwise would not have the means to access justice.

Experienced with serving those within disadvantaged communities across Queensland and New South Wales (many of whom were victims of trauma), Diana increasingly noticed the prevalence of marginalised women without the ability to escape the cycle of poverty, violence and trauma – without support from someone like her.

Combining her legal skills with business management practices, through her role as Chairperson Diana ensures Support The Girls’ mission is best achieved through rigorous governance standards, policies and procedures – inspiring financial donors and sponsors to give more and greater comfort.

Diana prides herself on being part of the sustainable solution for women’s disadvantages and through her practice (and personal volunteer work) actively promotes empowerment for diverse groups of women who experience multiple structural oppressions.

She believes that volunteering is about giving back to our community in a meaningful and useful manner, and taking the time and skills that we have to assist others who are in need in a way that is respectful and empowering of people and organisations.

Diana is trained in trauma-informed care and practice which ensures the most appropriate advice can be provided to victims at the time of most need.

– Bachelor of Laws (Bond)
– Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Qld