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We are all about empowering women with dignity and respect.

Service Provider Bra Gifting Event

Service Provider events play a big role in the support we give across the communities of QLD, NSW and the ACT.  We get contacted by organisations who have normally identified that they have a group of clients in need. Our teams go to their location of choice. This could be a community hall, their place of operation, a domestic violence shelter, an office. We always work with the agency to ensure we can provide a positive event in a safe space. This allows us to give the best support and care for vulnerable women. We support organisations like Kalwun Indigenous Health Services, Penrith Women’s Centre, The Wash House, Murikai and many more. If you have clients that we can assist, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Rural Outreach Events : Rural Communities

Rural Outreach events are both heartbreaking but also incredibly rewarding. The situation of so many rural farming women, and their daughters is often so untenable and it goes on in silence. We have a dedicated team of re our Outreach teams that travel into rural communities and host bra gifting events in local community centres. The stories we are privy to are beyond belief. There is still so much poverty in rural communities and for many mothers, being able to afford menstrual hygiene products is beyond their capability. For some of our mature age rural women, who may be more endowed being able to afford a bra to give them dignity and support is way out of their capacity. They simply do not have $100+ to purchase one let alone have one on and one in the wash. The other benefit of our rural bra gifting events is it brings women together. So often these ladies are isolated on their big properties and rarely see anyone unless they perchance travel into town. For some of them that is a limited experience. So we bring women together where they can chat, have a cup of tea and connect with their fellow community members.
We know these events are a huge success as we regularly get asked to return. If you come from a rural community or work for a rural community centre that can support an event for the women and girls in your region, then please email us on admin@supportthegirls.com.au

Rural Outreach Events : Rural Indigenous

We have had the privilege of supporting women and young ladies in various rural indigenous communities across Queensland and NSW. We regularly visit Cherbourg in Queensland and other regions. Being able to come together with these indigenous women is an incredible experience. We are able to assist and educate them with regards to what bras they should be wearing, many have never worn bras for fear of the unknown, but more importantly teach the youth about what menstrual hygiene products they should be using and how to use them. There are still far too many rural indigenous women who have no concept of what to do. With our amazing team, we are able to bring out passion. Commitment and care to these events, provide a safe non judgemental space and truly make a difference. The smiles and happy faces that leave the room speak volumes.