What We Do



Our ‘Bra Gifting Days’ are all about empowering women with dignity and respect. These events are the key ingredient that makes Support The Girls Australia the charity it is. The purpose of these days is twofold. Firstly, we provide women with bras, underwear, toiletries and menstrual hygiene products which provides dignity and encourages a sense of self-worth and self-care. Secondly, we get to connect with the women face to face. (This is what we are all about). This is critical. Compassion and Conversation are a crucial element of our Bra Fitting Events. Sadly today there are so many women that are socially isolated. There are numerous variables for this. Financial isolation – they do not have the means to go out and have a coffee or meal with someone, anxiety/depression. They do not have the ability to out and socialize. Trauma/DV. They may have been in a domestic violence situation and be in a shelter and not have access to support and then 2020 has seen the world hit by Covid which has had an enormous impact on people already disadvantaged. By coming to a Bra Gifting Event these women get to meet others who may be in the same boat. One of our beautiful volunteers could, through having a conversation give them confidence to take action for themselves. The scenarios are many but they make an enormous difference. Seeing women walk out the door with their heads held high and a spring in their step is wonderful.



The first purpose of the Street Outreach Project service which provides on the ground mobile support to the most vulnerable women and girls who are homeless or facing extreme hardship.


The second purpose of the Outreach Project is our commitment to providing women and girls in remote and inaccessible location especially indigenous communities.


We are going to be expanding our face to face support in 2020.

We have always had a strong emphasis on collaboration and have some extremely successful partnerships with organisations within the homeless sector and support sector.

We are aware of serious gaps in the support service sector in regard to face to face support and connections. We aim to work in conjunction with, and connect women too, mental health care, rehabilitation/therapeutic services, financial planners, nutritionists, social workers, legal practitioners and advocates, and any other associated support service. Too often women are given paperwork or directed to a service but do not have the knowledge, resources or strength to engage with these services. This year we will be developing the support program to meet the needs of women in the community.

A few of the successful partnerships we have are the likes of Kalwun Health Services. (https://www.kalwun.com.au/) We support their community with regular Bra Gifting Events. These events have a tiered purpose. Firstly it allows us to support and educate indigenous women/girls on their health and wellbeing when it comes to wearing and fitting of their bras, but it also facilitates a positive environment in which women can meet and connect outside of their normal routine. The benefits have been huge.

We work alongside https://orangesky.org.au/. This has been a really exciting partnership for us. The ethos and purpose of Orange Sky is all about connection and conversations which we aspire to with our friends. Working alongside their laundry vans allows us to connect and support friends that are already on the street and who feel safe using their service. It has been an excellent platform for us to launch from.


Can you imagine being discharged from hospital in a hospital gown? For many homeless and disenfranchised women this is a sad and unacceptable reality. We currently supply Gold Coast University Hospital with care packs which include bras, underwear and toiletries. We have even helped to provide care for women suffering from terminal illnesses and in the last stages of their lives. We aim to expand these services to various hospitals in 2020.