Support The Girls Australia is committed to its purpose of creating change for vulnerable women and girls and to do that we need to expand and develop our various outreach projects as we grow.

2020 sees three of our Outreach Projects expanding.

Street Outreach Project, Remote Outreach Project and Service Provider Outreach Project.


Currently our Street Outreach Project operates on the Gold Coast and this will be expanding to Brisbane and Ipswich in 2020.

If you would like to know more about our project then please .

We have a fixed schedule for our locations. Please click here for locations and days. 


Support The Girls Australia is well aware of the need to ensure women and girls in our remotest locations have access to the basic essentials. Sadly a lot of women and girls in these remote communities go without the basics like hair brushes, toiletries, menstrual products and shoes. It is vital to ensure that all women and girls across our nation have access to these items. Our commitment is to reach as many communities as we can dependent on funding to create this change.


This is a part of our service that we enjoy. Adding value to the work that so many services already do for women. We currently support Kalwun Health Services and Access Community Services, YHES House to name a few with Bra Gifting Events at their location. It is a positive way to engage with services in the sector but also add value to what they bring to their clients. The success stories of connection and empowerment speak for themselves.

If you would like us to host a Bra Gifting event for your service please get in touch with us and we will create an event that suits you and your.